why should you stretch the mind through Jnana, when prescribed rituals can ensure the same results?


Another revelation – why should you stretch the mind through Jnana, when prescribed rituals can ensure the same results?

This kind of outlook is negative. Why not? Is the question, why is advaitha seen as difficult to follow? Most people caught up in maya never think spiritually, many who do don’t stretch enough? Why is  marga so attractive? Why does a REAL non-pleural world view seem so distant, even to the most intellectual spiritual speaker?

The fear of the unknown, the fear of unlearning, the fear of standing up his/her own belief system? Can a dualist question the knowledge of madvacharya? Can he burn away the scriptures? Can the bheda-abheda-vaadin accept that there is a third option?

Can one drive himself/herself to the border of knowledge (known and unknown) and take that leap of faith into the unknown? This is exactly that is required to be done…..

Dive into nothingness, into the REAL unknown

One dives into the vast ocean of TRUTH, all knowledge comes forth from this singular consciousness, here is the answers to all questions , the source of all action, the god-head

The ancients of HAIK tradition have called this the neti-neti procedure to find the real truth, the one truth, the ONE. Try questioning all that you have ever known? Whether it is  conditioning, knowledge learned from others, in schools, in newspapers, gossip, etc

What have you learnt that you can call your own?? Learnt by the self? try to recall what you know without the crutches of any external epistemology. Debrief yourself of all that is acquired vicariously. What is left????


This nothingness or silence or a state of no-mind is the beginning of your spiritual journey…….

May you travel well my spiritual friends ….


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