News and Views – 24th March 2015

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1. D K Ravi’s case handed over to CBI – Karnataka’s Arab spring – proves the triumph of democracy  

CM Siddaramaiah hands over the case of DK Ravi’s mysteries death to CBI due to all round pressure. I believe that this is akin to the Arab spring for Karnataka. Even the Media’s anger over the case’s mismanagement is the reflection of Karnataka citizen’s anguish against the ruling class, the opposition leaders actually took to the streets only after the people’s reactions erupted first in Kolar district and then later spread throughout the state. Some religious gurus have also joined in the nth minute, lat but not the least is INC president Sonia Gandhi who is learnt to directed the Karnataka CM to hand over the case to the CBI.

All this was possible only because of the anger, anguish and determination of the people of Karnataka. This is a sure sign that democracy is still alive and thriving in the state, though the powers that be must acknowledge the same before their voters take to the streets. This anger will definitely be reflected in the next assembly elections, if the state INC unit that this escapade will be forgotten, then i assure them that the voters of this state have a long and unforgiving memory; as they have already displaced  JD(S) for the 20-20 debacle, BJP for their Lokayukta cases and mining scams…

2. Chandigarh Municipal corporation dishonours the Indian Soldiers on Martyrs Day 

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) committed a major faux pas on Sunday when it passed off photographs of US Army personnel as those of Indian Army soldiers in its hoardings commemorating Martyrs Day across the city. The photograph of three US soldiers seems to have been picked up from the internet where they have been misrepresented as that of Indian Army even though the soldiers are clearly seen wearing the US Flag on their uniforms (see pic). To make the matters worse, the photograph from the internet has been tampered with and flipped so that the US flag was not visible. However, flipping the photograph made all the three soldiers look like they were holding rifles in their left hand which seemed very unlikely and raised initial suspicions of the photograph being doctored which were later proven right.

Even other aspects of the photograph, like the pattern of helmets worn by the soldiers and the M-16 US Army standard issue rifle they are carrying, should have alarmed the MC officials dealing with the advertisements but evidently all this was ignored. The hoardings were put up across Chandigarh to inform the general public about the commemoration event being held in the city on March 23 to mark the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev where the war widows would also be honoured. The defence community in Chandigarh is understandibly aghast at the faux pas.

3.  RIP Lee Kuan Yew – Founder of Guided Democracy, maker of Singapore and one of the most controversial leaders of the modern era

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