Sree Rama Navami; the day God came as a Man

Lord Rama and I have a common bond. While he is my Istadeva and the guiding force of my life, I am his Dasa; the chosen servant. Every action, every decision, every moment and every breath I take is in his bakthi. Many people ask me what is so special in Rama, considering the number of deities and vibrancy in the Hindu pantheon, why choose such a ‘strict’ diety as your ardhya-daiva?.

Today, more than any other day, the relevance of Lord Sree Rama must be reminiscenced  and the morals of Ramayana retold.

Sree Rama was born to show Humans the fulfilment of potential that is embedded in each of us. Before we enter into the spiritual zone of Rama’s power. We are encouraged to lead a clean and clear life of probity by following three simple percepts of Dharmic living

1. Eka-vachani (Eka means one and Vachana means Promise)  

He who always keeps his words. Think if we don’t respect our own words, who else will? This is the start of a new life, if all us could emulate this one quality of Rama, we shall all become evolved souls.

2. Eka-bani (Eka means one and Bana means Arrow)  

He is an excellent marksman, always hits his target with just one arrow. Imagine working away towards a single goal with a single minded focus and determination. Your life would be always successful. Again another of Rama’s qualities worth emulating.

3. Eka-patni (Eka means one and Patni means Wife)  

Rama is the supremely faithful husband. Even when many beautiful women tried to seduce him and even when Sita, his consort was no more by side he remains steadfast in his commitment to her. Modern man must lead a faithful married life to avoid several physical, social and emotional problems.

Hope we can all emulate these three simple qualities as exemplified by Rama and evolve to grater heights.




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