News and Views – 17th April 2015

Please watch the Video!/play/Suvarna%20News%2024X7/News%20-amp%3B%20Views%20Live/pid/802535


2 thoughts on “News and Views – 17th April 2015

  1. In the last couple of days, I have watched some older episodes of “News & Views” – at random. The two of you share a good rapport and the programme is quite thought-provoking. Best wishes….

    My comment is regarding an older episode. While contemplating if I should be expressing my views or not, I have lost the episode – regarding surrendering of LPG subsidies by the moneyed class…

    I’m guessing that the beneficiaries of this scheme will have to have BPL cards. And you know what?! I know quite a few BPL card holders who own 1-2 vehicles, money in fixed deposits and other luxuries that are not associated with a BPL card holder. I also know of BPL card holders who sell their subsidised rations – for a higher price, of course….
    Once a BPL card is issued, I don’t think anyone from the concerned department bothers to check if the card holder has gone on to do better in life and can give up his card – compulsorily, if not voluntarily.
    Freebies, are for the babus, ministers and the deserving/ undeserving BPL card holder. In the bargain, the hard working, tax paying, patriotic citizen is taken for a ride. Now, we have decided to take the ride, I guess…….

    • Soumay Bhat – I completely agree with you. However, like the PM says – we will have to trust people, maybe good people will emerge from the gloom.
      FYI – i’ve never been part of a ration card, my father decided that we didn’t need one 40 years back, may lord Rama bless him with moksha.

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