News & Views – 19 Aug 2015

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3 thoughts on “News & Views – 19 Aug 2015

  1. That bit about govt. not doing anything for farmers trigerred a lot of politically incorrect thoughts. Because, unlike Ra Ga & co, I live in a place where farming is the chief occupation. No other professional in this country enjoys as many benefits as the farmer does, and, I wonder if there is anything else left for the govt. to add!
    Sunday evening, we were driving through Hassan & the local FM was broadcasting an interview with a farmer. A barely literate man, he had learnt to manage his crops and his finances thro’ good & bad times. It was extremely inspiring & heartening to listen to him explain these issues in detail…..
    Forget non-agriculturists, I wonder how many farmers would have listened to this talk on a Sunday evening. While monetary compensation may provide temporary relief, the loss of a loved one can never be compensated….. I feel, the govt – thro’ popular media – must highlight such farmers….Ra Ga & co will learn a thing or two as well!!

    • I too tried my hand in farming, but i regret to say that it is not profitable at all. sometimes we were unable to recover even the cost of the seeds that had been plante. It is the middlemen that make all the money in agriculture, as far as sugarcane is concerned (which has led maximum suicides/deaths) there needs be an alternative to supplying to politician owned sugar factories; i have been championing the cause of making ethanol from sugarcane, this way the sugarcane farmer has a way out of his debts …

  2. I’m sorry that you have had a bad experience, sir. Of course, for farming to be profitable, one has to be a full time farmer. A hobby farmer should choose crops that require lesser attention/ time – should rule out vegetables…..
    I can only hope that the initiatives proposed by the PM comes to the rescue of sugarcane farmers in the form of ethanol and other byproducts…. Best wishes.

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