#AdhyathmaRamayana by SriRamaDasa 3

#AdhyathmaRamayana by #SreeRamaDasa #SriRamaDasa Day 3

Adhyathma Ramayana is essentially a Puranic work demonstrating the inquisitiveness of Parvati and clear, unambiguous explanation by Shiva. But in the orthodox circles of Rama devotees, the Adhyatama Ramayana is considered to be a Mantra-sastra, a sacred book, each stanza of which is revered as a Mantra (mystic syllable) and devoutly repeated in a ceremonial way. And Shiva continues the story of Rama to his beloved Parvati


Puthra Kameshti Yaga – Fire sacrifice to get children

As per the words of his Guru sage Vasishta,
The king got the help of the sage Rishya Srunga. He constructed the place for doing the Yaga in the shores of Sarayu, along with the sages performed with devotion the Puthra Kameshti, for the incarnation of the Lord on the earth.

All the devas and Gods were satisfied by the offering in fire, Made by sage Rishya srunga and at that time From the fire place rose the God of fire, Agni; along with a pot of Payasa (Sweet porridge).

“For the sake of getting sons , take this porridge, Which is made by Gods, “ Said the Fire God and gave it to the great king and disappeared.

The great hero Dasaratha immediately gave half the quantity to his first wife Queen Kousalya and with great love gave the other half to Queen Kaikeyi. Queen Kousalya, gave half of what she got without any hesitation to the third Queen Sumathra; and seeing this Kaikeyi also gave half her share to Sumithra. And the three queens got in to the family way, giving great joy to the citizens of Ayodhya.

Right from that time, Dasaratha started assembling great learned Brahmins and performed regular fire sacrifice etc for the safety of the pregnancy. When in the queens he noticed the signs of pregnancy the King is believed have gone mad with love.

Dasaratha performed rituals like Seemantham and Pumsavanam, And the king also gave money to charity to his full desire and the pregnancy came to an end and at that time, Four divine children were born.

When five planets were in exalted position at that very moment Lord Vishnu incarnated as  the son of queen Kausalya. His star was Punarvasu and the thithi (moon’s phase)was Navami, And the great Lord was born at the time when, Lord Jupiter was along with the lord of his birth star and it was in Karkataka Lagnam, it was in greatly exalted position, the Sun was greatly exalted, Saturn was in Thula Rasi, Venus was in Meena Rasi, Mars was in retrograde and was greatly exalted in Makara Rasi. All the deities were crowded the sky to shower their happiness and grace on this happy occasion.

The same day Kaikeyi gave birth to a beautiful boy in the Pushya star and the next day queen Sumithra begot twin Sons.

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