Adhyathma Ramayana by Sri Rama Dasa Manish – Part 6


Adhyathma Ramayana is essentially a Puranic work demonstrating the inquisitiveness of Parvati and clear, unambiguous explanation by Shiva. But in the orthodox circles of Rama devotees, the Adhyatama Ramayana is considered to be a Mantra-sastra, a sacred book, each stanza of which is revered as a Mantra (mystic syllable) and devoutly repeated in a ceremonial way. And Shiva continues the story of Sri Rama to his beloved Parvati

As soon as the Lord of Goddess Lakshmi took birth in Ayodhya, Lakshmi herself started living in the very land of her beloved. Abundance and affluence started flowing in every house. The fields were always green with rich bountiful harvests, the rivers and ponds were full of fish, the earth revealed all sorts of metals and minerals. The citizens were never this happyy and they renewed their pledge of living a life of Dharma. Right from that day onwards every thing in earth heightened its existence and the world was a happy place.

The brothers grew in years and childhood made their parents very happy. Gradually  their youth also approached, there upon the Kula Guru and great sage Vasishta who was  also the son of Brahma ensured that all important Samskara Dharma of the Upanayanam and taught them Vedas along with all of its branches. As also the human law book as well as their branches.
Unsurprisingly the brothers learned them without any real effort, even though these subjects were very difficult to teach and learn. The world witnessed in Guru Vasistha the divine Brahma himself from whom Vasishta has learned and got enlightened; and the disciples were divine beings including Lord Vishnu himself. Never has the universe been so fortunate to so much divinity in a Gurukula.

In time they returned to the palace, King Dasharatha was extremely happy to see that his sons had mastered the Sciences of Vedas, Administration, Warfare, Weaponry, etc as expert sailors master the seven seas. A unique result of the “buddy-system” of martial training that prevailed in the Gurukula had resulted in unbreakable bonding between Rama and Lakshmana on one hand and between Bharatha and Satrugna on the other. What Dasharatha did not know was that mother Sumitra has also tutored her twins to serve their elder brothers this way.

Prince Rama took the affairs of statecraft as a fish takes to water. He and Lakshmana immediately got around to arresting the thieves and  killing the cruel & dangerous animals in and around Ayodhya. Bharatha & Satrugna immersed themselves in foreign affairs and recruitment of civil servants.

their Dinacharya or daily schedule consisted of waking up at very early morning, taking bath, performing with great devotion the Suryanamaskar ie., salutations of dawn, Meditation, then doing saluting like feet of their father and mothers, devoting their time to affairs of ruling of the state along with his buddy-brother. Leading Dharma and upholding Law and then only after solving the problems of the citizens did they partake in food along with relatives and elders. The evenings were designated for hearing of Dharma Sasthras and historical events. The evening twilight was earmark for Shiva-Vandana and arts.

It was wonderful to watch the omnipresent and omnipotent Lord Vishnu person the mundane activities of a human on a daily basis. The one who needs no further evolutionn or involution was seen doing in the absolute quality all the actions needed by humans to the yardstick of every endeavour, that earned Rama the title of “Maryada Purushottama” the limit of Human endeavour.

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