Dr. Manish Mokshagundam addressing Nursery Teachers



Points to take home from Dr. Manish’s address to Nursery Teachers

1. 50% of all learning happens before the age of seven years

2. Teaching such young souls is the most responsible “calling” (not job) in the world

3. You are the third parent. Indian wisdom advices child to be under the care of mother till s/he is seven years

4. You are the first person that the child chooses to “Trust” without compulsion.¬†Please do not break this trust

5. This trust will transform to “love”. Accept it and nurture it ‚Ķ

6. Practice “Pranayama” regularly to match up with the¬†high energy levels of the child

7. If something makes you angry. Take dive deep breaths and you will become aware of you anger. The moment you become aware of your anger, it will leave you. Because anger is primarily an unconscious act

8. Look into the rhymes that you are teaching, if it has negative¬†aspects like – breaking crown, having a great fall, losing sheep¬†or all falling down. Then it’s best avoided

9. Instead teach multiple aspects thru stories and rhymes.¬†Best if it’s done in mother tongue. Dr. Manish explained a¬†rhyme in Kannada language that incorporate family system, love, counting through serving of food (Dosa in this case)

10. Most importantly, step aside and watch them express themselves. You teachers may learn more than you can teach

Praying that they create a proper setting for the expression of infant souls….