What I write here is dedicated to my teacher Prof. Dr. S. Nagaraju, founder of the Institute of Action Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Bangalore, India. He propounds that all archaeological studies serve as a compass for the future, he has given a new paradigm to archaeology itself through this new subject of Action-archaeology

The logic behind Action Archaeology is that, successful experiments done in the past for efficient use of specific environmental resources for fulfilling human needs could guide future planning too. It is here that the field knowledge and insights gained by the archaeologist can become an important input for sustainable development, this is especially of great relevance for such of the geographical regions where we find long civilizational continuity, as in India and China


This line of thinking is not just an academic exercise, but a serious attempt to resolve several problems that have cropped up in man-environment relationship in recent years

The theoretical premise for Action Archaeology is derived from the Anthropological perspective of cultural evolution

  1. Culture itself in all its manifestations of acquired ability of man is a special strategy developed by the human species for its survival and success
  2. Its character is determined by the way man negotiates with the environment in which he has to live


  1. Is practically Applied Archaeology
  2. Is utilizing past wisdom for future development
  3. Transforms a pure academic discipline into a utilitarian technology
  4. Is an approach which opens up new opportunities to the Archaeologists
  5. Makes Archaeology more relevant

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