Dr. Manish Mokshagundam addressing Nursery Teachers



Points to take home from Dr. Manish’s address to Nursery Teachers

1. 50% of all learning happens before the age of seven years

2. Teaching such young souls is the most responsible “calling” (not job) in the world

3. You are the third parent. Indian wisdom advices child to be under the care of mother till s/he is seven years

4. You are the first person that the child chooses to “Trust” without compulsion. Please do not break this trust

5. This trust will transform to “love”. Accept it and nurture it …

6. Practice “Pranayama” regularly to match up with the high energy levels of the child

7. If something makes you angry. Take dive deep breaths and you will become aware of you anger. The moment you become aware of your anger, it will leave you. Because anger is primarily an unconscious act

8. Look into the rhymes that you are teaching, if it has negative aspects like – breaking crown, having a great fall, losing sheep or all falling down. Then it’s best avoided

9. Instead teach multiple aspects thru stories and rhymes. Best if it’s done in mother tongue. Dr. Manish explained a rhyme in Kannada language that incorporate family system, love, counting through serving of food (Dosa in this case)

10. Most importantly, step aside and watch them express themselves. You teachers may learn more than you can teach

Praying that they create a proper setting for the expression of infant souls….

Yuva Nayak – Youth Leadership Camp April 17



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An amazing opportunity to be trained in person by the Leading Authority on Leadership, especially for young people. Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish Mokshagundam has tranined hundreds of young leaders in Media and Social Leadership.

Dr Manish Mokshagundam is a reputed SUCCESS & LEADERSHIP COACH  and has initiated &  trained thousands of aspirants into the fold of Consciousness Awakening  through his pioneering life management technique of HI-Way (Holistic-Intrinsic Way) to success.  He brings in the popular scientific approach to the eastern esoteric subjects. He propagates a scientific temper through all his programs.

Over these powerful 3 days hundreds of Indian youth will be inspired by Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish to become even greater leaders immediately. Each day is packed with content delivered in a lucid yet empowering way, so you can use the tools being shared Asap.

Highlights of the program are












REGISTER NOW https://www.instamojo.com/mahaacademy/yuva-nayak-youth-leadership-camp/ 




Yuva Nayak Youth Leadership Camp is a transformative leadership program for serious aspirants of Socio-Political Leadership. The three day camp incorporates practical Socio-politics, basic leadership synthesis and process, personal leadership development, promotion and effective governance.

The Yuva Nayak Fellowship offers expertise to tackle self-awareness and public policy issues as candidates for Change-Management or as Citizen Activists. This innovative program is guided by Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish Mokshagundam. Previously, he has served for 22 years in Media and Journalism in a number of capacities. Dr. Manish has presently devoted his life to Spirituality, Yoga and upliftment of  the Human Potential.

Yuva Nayak is a program started by MAHA Academy to usher in a discerning Young Leadership with a vision to promote distinguished successful young leaders to the nation.

The Program is spread over 13 sessions in three days and will be delivered in MAHA Academy’s HQ at Somanahalli, Bengaluru. Each session has been incorporated as an transformative unit of program’s holistic gestalt.

REGISTER NOW https://www.instamojo.com/mahaacademy/yuva-nayak-youth-leadership-camp/ 

Session I – OM 

Orientation Marquee guided by Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

The Om session brings into focus the need for Leadership, along with various style of leadership. The central theme is provide the participants enough motivation to look beyond the ordinary and identify the best suited methodology in their own chosen area of leadership.

Session II – HEIL! ERIC

Honesty, Ethics, Integrity & loyalty by Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

Hell Eric is an acronym for “Honesty, Ethics, Integrity & loyalty; Easy to Remember If Consulted”.  When it comes to ethics, there is no neutral ground. Successful Leadership is not possible without strong, deeply held values. Our culture is based on core values which define the character of each Leader. These values, set forth in the Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles of Ethical Behaviour, are organised around four foundational beliefs: Honesty, Ethics, Integrity & loyalty. They have guided leaders worldwide since the beginning of time. Tap into this goldmine and transform into a successful leader by applying them daily in your pursuit of excellence.


Team Building Discipline guided by Sqd Leader Bhashar

A leader’s success depends on the team he builds around. In this session you will learn to  art of aligning your team around goals, building effective working relationships, reducing team members’ role ambiguity and finding solutions to collective & individual members of the team’s challenges.


Group Activity guided by Nagesh Yadav

Team Activity to practically experience that the whole-team is made up individual-parts.

Session V – HIPSTERS 

Holistic Integration Process guided by Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

Holistic Integration Process (HIP) is a “Mystical Purification” of the whole self. A wonderful and unique purification process specially designed by Sree Rama Dasa to bring in maximum benefit for every human soul. This session works through activation of the Kundalini network; while you simultaneously undergo a deep cathartic process to arrive at and then achieve perfection of existence and life. The HIP Meditation is highly physically active activity –  it is best to have an empty stomach and wear loose, Yogic, comfortable clothing.


Tv & Public Speaking guided by Ramakanth Arya 

Understanding and presence on Television and Public forums are essential skills required by Leaders. In this session you will learn the essentials of being a great communicator like how to boost  Self Confidence, Knowing your subject Matter,  Assessing Your Audience Creating Clarity and Certainty, Etc.


Strategise, Audit & oRganise guided by Dr. Sujit Kumar Sompur, IRS

Strategy is your plan to win. This session focuses our energy on the forces that need to be changed, and can often result in some victory (big or small) or mitigation of damage. Learn to work together, organise and inspire others and by igniting imaginations. The momentum of success attracts people who in general want to be aligned with those they believe have power. When you Strategise, Audit & oRganise; you build momentum, victory and success.

Session IX  ROLE-PLAY 

Leaders’ Interaction guided by Aravind Shetty

Role-Play is a game in which the participants assume the roles of Political, Social and Popular leaders and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterisation. You may improvise freely; your choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.

Extra Session – GHOOM (Optional session by interest only)

Night Jungle Walk guided by Nagesh Yadav 

Participants are encouraged to connect to Mother-Earth and explore the natural, unadulterated and pure space of creation. The GHOOM will promote survival instincts even while learning to work as a team.  Being in a new environment helps get you out of your comfort zone and above all a leader must appreciate and maintain the environment as nature intended it to be.

Session X- SOME is EVERYTHING !! 

Social Media Management by Kiran K S

In the current scenario, a leader can not underestimate the importance of social media. SOcial MEdia is Everything. A leader’s aura, vision, action and communication are all delivered almost instantaneously through the social media. This session imparts the quintessential tools need for your successful SoMe campaigns. SoMe of the elements that you learn are Developing a Strategy, Defining & Managing Channels, Staying Organised, Monitoring & Engaging, Measuring Success, Best Practices, Etc.

Session XI – NEAT & SWEET

Elements of Indian Leadership by Acharya Vijaya Simha

With a unbroken history of more than 7000 years, India has churned out extremely successful tools of leadership. This session is designed to impart maximum impact of these elements into the modern setting. You will learn to tap into the continuum of Indian wisdom handed over millennia through  several oral traditions.


Project Management & Organisation by Nagaraj Birur 

This session deals with the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavour designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end. Project Management is one the most essential skills that a young leader like you requires to master.


Valedictory & Certifications by Sree Rama Dasa Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

Take home the words of wisdom and your camp completion certificates.

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Session Timing  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
10:00 to 11:30 Session I – OM

Orientation Marquee

Session V – HIP

Holistic Integration Process


Social Media Management

11:30 to 12:00 Snacks and Beverage Snacks and Beverage Snacks and Beverage
12:00 to 13:30 Session II – HEIL! ERIC

Honesty, Ethics, Integrity & loyalty


TV & Public Speaking

Session XI – NEAT & SWEET

Elements of Indian Leadership

13:30 to 14:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 to 16:00 Session III – TEAMSTERS

Team Building Discipline


Strategise, Audit & oRganise


Project Management & Organisation

16:00 to 16:30 High Tea High Tea High Tea
16:30 to 18:00 Session IV – KNOTTY SOLUTION

Group Activity


Guided Meditation Session


Valedictory & Certifications

18:00 to 19:00 NA Session IX 


Leaders’ Interaction

19:00 to 21:00 NA Extra Session – GHOOM 

Night Jungle  Walk

21:00 to 21:30 NA Dinner NA


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Adhyathma Ramayana by Sri Rama Dasa Manish – Part 5

Adhyathma Ramayana is essentially a Puranic work demonstrating the inquisitiveness of Parvati and clear, unambiguous explanation by Shiva. But in the orthodox circles of Rama devotees, the Adhyatama Ramayana is considered to be a Mantra-sastra, a sacred book, each stanza of which is revered as a Mantra (mystic syllable) and devoutly repeated in a ceremonial way. And Shiva continues the story of Sri Rama to his beloved Parvati


Hearing the news of the birth of a son, King Dasharatha was in bliss with divine joy.  To all those servants who told the news of son’s birth; He gifted new cloths, ornaments and plenty of wealth. As per the orders of the Guru Vasishta, he performed the ritual of birth and also meditated afterwards.

To Kaikeyi a son was born the next and to Sumithra twins sons were born. Dasaratha w also performed ritual of birth to all the children. The citizens who witnessed this divine serendipity shed tears of joy. Charity to countless Brahmins and innumerable Sadhus was given in Cattle, gold, jewels, cloths, land etc. Even the chief of heaven lord Indra had a grand festival to celebrate the Avatara of Rama on earth and gained much punya.

Guru Vasishta noticed that all sentient beings of all of all the worlds were joyous and merry  and the dark infant had an extremely powerful attractive power, so the first born son of Dasharatha was named RAMA. The guru foresaw that the second son was going to be an expert administrator, he was named BHARATHA. The third son born of Sumitra had all the features of good qualities (Lakshanas), therefore he was named LAKSMANA. In the younger twin, Vasishta  foresaw the quality of annihilation of all enemies, so the last son was named SATRUGNA.

After giving these names to all his four sons, King Dasharatha lived happily along with his  three wives.

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