Life is…. 

mystical Poems


You don’t look too scared

Looking to be compared

While all others prepared

You sat there and shared


Take on life you dared

To everyone you bared

Secrets of heart you aired

An open book you declared


Why now you seem flared

People mistook & squared

The round peg impaired

once done cant be repaired


See I never cared

For what others ensnared

I to my own tune blared

One and only unpaired


Life is to be lived & erred

Safe soul is beggared

Cant live on the edged

Lose the plot inhered


The one who lives completed

Is always avant garde-d

Accepting the grace unrestricted

Fulfils existence involuted


The inside world unfolded

Brings forth nectar shrouded

Multiverses of world created

The one in many manifested


(And then the one said ….)


Live complete Rama Dasa

Explore inside out Rama Dasa

There is no inside Rama Dasa

And no outside Rama Dasa

Life is….

Rama Dasa, Life is….

Open Letter to BBMP Commissioner Sri Sri N Manjunath Prasad, IAS. 9 Aug 2016


Open Letter to BBMP Commissioner Sri Sri N Manjunath Prasad, IAS

Based on frantic calls received by those effected by the Demolition Drive.

The writer honestly has not visited these areas (verified facts through Media reports though)

Respected Sir,

No government can survive being anti-people. I have known this to be the only truth for governance; however we routinely see many actions that are not only anti-people but blatantly against the spirit of humanity.

I’m not talking of some remote Syria-Iraq-ISIS controlled area or Russian occupied Ukraine or even about China occupied Tibet & Xinjiang province. I’m not even referring to some dictator ruled banana republic. Here I want draw attention to the largest Democratic country and it’s eight largest state ‘Karnataka’.

My state Karnataka, that we are so proud of.

Karnataka that produced Raja Rishis like Basavana, Vidhyaranya and Krishna Raja Wodeyar has been reduced to a fascist state. You think I’m exaggerating?

Let me tell you a few happenings in the capital city of Bengaluru. On Shatter-day 6 August 2016 our great BBMP woke and decided to clear the Raja-Kaluve illegal occupation and bulldoze all the buildings built on these important storm drains in some areas of the city.

Nothing wrong, in fact commendable work by the officials.

Oh! however they forgot to inform (Official term Notify) to the residents that the houses that they were living in for 40 years or more; the house that was sanctioned by the previous BBMP Engineer (In some cases the serving one), the house that still carried an EMI from the re/construction loan to the nearest bank, the house that they paid property taxes to the same BBMP for so many years, the house that they had tried to make a home by working 15 hours a day in their small petty tea shop, that the same home would be demolished in less than 20 minutes.

Why Mr. Commissioner? why are so insensitive, why are you so anti-people? why are you so Storm drain loving that you forgot that the monsoons started two months ago (Even the Met Dept got the dates right this time)? Why did you not give them enough time make alternative arrangements?


I would like know now; since you have so chivalrously continued with your Raja-kaluve clearing drive for 3 more days after shatter-day, What scientific methodology has been followed in your pursuit of water conservation that this city needs so badly?

Like I said earlier no Government can survive being Anti-people, so why is common man feeling that you are going against the small fish while the land-sharks and whales are left out of your demolish-net?

I request you to kindly publish a plan of action of your demolition drive and explain why the choices of location have been in the that order of priority.

Even if you say that the BBMP are moving in concentric circles from the centre of the city to the periphery or vice-versa is good enough. The people of this great state and this punyakoti-like city (all Kannadigas will ‘get’ this) would like to know the method to your madness sir.

Also, isn’t it true that the government having received taxes from these properties for so many years must also take responsibility of relocating them, even though they sell tea they don’t want to be the Prime Minister, they just want a 20 feet by 20 feet plot on which stood an even smaller house.

You can guess that I’m writing this because hundreds of houses have been demolished and  thousands displaced. I’m made to understand that some pregnant lady was thrown out her home and dozens of senior citizens spent their first night (after Demolition!!) under the open starless night, sorry Bengaluru sky is too polluted for the stars to be visible.

Well! Nothing new, we have had Kashmiri refugees all over the country for 25 years now (never mind that its an oxymoron to be refugee in one’s own nation). So what if a few Benglaurians have become refugees in their own city; we can not give them camps because they are not political refugees from neighbouring counties. So sorry no such luck.

You might be reminded that yours truly while playing news analyst on television had repeatedly hammered the importance of clearing Raja-Kaluves and collection of monsoon water. I still stand by it, the natural drains that populate our lakes must be protected and illegal occupants must be evacuated.

However, this must be done in a humane manner. Mr. Commissioner; give them adequate time to find alternative dwellings if not homes. Return the Illegal-Taxes collected with interest, fire the officials who sanctioned the plans, start legal actions on land-shark-illegal-layout-developers and more importantly do all this before monsoons, so that the purpose for which you are running this demolition drive is more fruitful.

We have only 1/3rd of the monsoon left this year, so my suggestion is that you stop these demolitions now and plans for next year that way you and those future refugees both will have enough time to plan your opus to a grand success. what say??

If you like my ramblings, I request a 10 minute appointment to speak about the other side of story. What say, will you humour me with an interface??

Manish Mokshagundam


9 August 2016

Also mailed to (Don’t know if it can still be called open letter)

In Rama I take refuge

In Rama I take refuge

Notwithstanding the deluge

Off the world’s subterfuge

The untruth I refuse


Someone asked me once

What makes sense?

I answered in reluctance

Everything you know is nonsense!


How can that be?

Request tell me plea

With me all agree

That the world is rupee!


Says I no to this allegiance

I know it’s stupid negligence

To walk out on benevolence

More than money is providence


I risk nothing of essence

Cause what is, is presence

Of the one and his attendance

His blessings in abundance


There is no two

That is enough edu

Rama is the one true

Why the review?


What is for you, is

But for me it is his

He alone is that and this

That’s the point don’t miss


I did what you do

Ran around too

Looking for the true

Away in the ado


Life was a sea ship

All show and hip

Had to rush and zip

Always to fall and trip


First it was to excel

Fame and funds swell

In the wants dwell

Devil the soul sell


Never gain never again

Shall ever I drink pain

Giving up all the bane

Of the world’s insane


That it’s long and it’s slow

Spiritual growth you sow

All encompassing it grow

Enthrall my soul to know


In Rama I take refuge

Notwithstanding the deluge

Off the world’s subterfuge

The untruth I refuse

It was always Rama through and through

It was always Rama through and through



When did I know that I knew, probably never

When did the confusion brew, always ever


Through the mosaic of life I withdrew

Monochromatic is liked by few

Into the clouds of wants I flew

Multicoloured kites I slew


All things realised unrealised too

The myriad deceptions of untrue

The spirit is humbug voodoo

I’m right and that’s my world view


Full of science little did I demure

What I can do is pretty sure

Don’t show me the obscure  

I have known not god pure


It hit me from blue, reversed déjà vu

Rama was in I looked into, myself renew

Rama was out too, lived subdue

It was always Rama through and through


When did I know that I knew, probably never

When did the confusion brew, always ever

Surrender to a higher force

Surrender to a higher force

Every action in your name, no one to blame

All included in the fame, there is no shame

Oh! We are told to do the right, to fight the fight

The lord up there is might, no panic no fright

Though simple and slight, there in the face is right

Though commandments tight, don’t falter Zeitgeist

Every action in your name, no one to blame

All included in the fame, there is no shame

Ah! The pain in the heart, breaks everything apart

When in the selfish art, I heed neither nor chart

The divine self smart, discarded to the human mart

Wants overtake the cart, the self needs to be restart

Every action in your name, no one to blame

All included in the fame, there is no shame

Ye! Right is the longest route, from morality sprout

Then they grow sweet fruit, when nurtured about

With waters of knowledge acute, heaven are brought out

To be enjoyed every minute, without a doubt

Every action in your name, no one to blame

All included in the fame, there is no shame

Rama! Shall you inspire, the thousands that require

Your guidance we desire, take us higher and higher

Burning false to fire, uphold the ways of the seer

Bequeath the truth sire, push the unpleasant liar

Every action in your name, no one to blame

All included in the fame, there is no shame

Arise awake and stop not

Wake up to the truth

The gate way of my life was no throughfare
The universal spirit force entered everywhere

The extent and impact I can not share
Every cell of my being torn threadbare
The body and mind fused as a pair
The constant chatter stopped no despair
The ego and self no more there
In the absolute there was nothing to aspire
What do I do then I inquire
Easy comes the answer in prayer
Spread the truth and share
Swear to make every one aware
Wake’em up, take a dare
Rama, bless all with your tender loving care’…..

when i get fried willingly for others….

The misdemeanours of the human mind

To benefit itself however primed

Rights the wrongs where it find

When crossing the moral window blind

The illusion of the calling wind

That which blows away the sinned

What is wrong if not unrefined

I can right it by whit kind

Altruism is of perfect rind

The insides seed of mankind

Altercated, crushed, twisted, twined

Plagiarised haughtily and mined

Only for the reverse grind

That justifies the wavered defined

That I do is right you do is swined

Myness is selfless, yoursness greed

Rama show me one open child

That can comprehend your bind

Of the true and philanthropic tried

Salute when for others willingly I get fried

No time, no time for anything!

No time, no time for anything!
So what are up to sir? sing
Doing nothing and everything
Never easy for achieving
The idea of not doing

No time, no time for anything!
So what are up to sir? sing
Want not is showing and growing
Who can them believing, that
The all is really nothing

No time, no time for anything!
So what are up to sir? sing
Staying put but sprinting
Look outward for meaning
Who is then deceiving

No time, no time for anything!
So what are up to sir? sing
Sing you say for singing
All ‘I’ is but moving
In the mêlée of realizing


No time, no time for anything!
May be for the one thing, nothing….