The Giant Tree

There was once a giant tree

Stood there completely carefree

Making food without paying a fee

Best business don’t you agree

The King decided this cant be

Real estate is ample rupee

How dare the tree be lessee

Without the royal decree

He ordered cutting with glee

Thinking only money no inquiry

The job fell on a novice trainee

Tried to chop it with a machete

Mighty blows did the wannabe

Give the giant tree third degree

With a lot of pain did end the fallacy

That saw collapse of the prodigy

This was the only tree you see

For over thousand acre territory

Taking toxins and in absentee

Giving oxygen for life plenty

The foolish King made a key

To timber all the wild tree

Not learning from the enlistee

Killed all of God’s greenery

It is said O! Rama Dasa

That it took Rama Dasa

Less than a lapse Rama Dasa

For Mankind’s Extinction Rama Dasa

Plant more trees Rama Dasa …

Plant more trees Rama Dasa …

The one that is …


A dream that seems real is still a dream

Awakening that seems a dream is still a dream

Above these is a sleep deep with no dream

Then there is the one reality that is no dream


To react is the possible scheme

When the world comes in full steam

Through the senses flows the stream

Mind fools you in logical scream


Comparing with the next Ibrahim

Who has the biggest playing team

Is by far your silliest daydream

Keep away such grand extreme


Know that you are but a theme

In the eternal illusionary gleam

Here now in the mainstream

Tomorrow  is another sunbeam


Dream in a dream in a dream

You are just a thought it seam

Then why do you look for scheme

Gestalt et al of the supreme


Just relax and let it be Rama Dasa

See the reality in the absentee Rama Dasa

The one that is Rama Dasa

Is all that is Rama Dasa

Adhyathma Ramayana by Sri Rama Dasa Manish – Part 6


Adhyathma Ramayana is essentially a Puranic work demonstrating the inquisitiveness of Parvati and clear, unambiguous explanation by Shiva. But in the orthodox circles of Rama devotees, the Adhyatama Ramayana is considered to be a Mantra-sastra, a sacred book, each stanza of which is revered as a Mantra (mystic syllable) and devoutly repeated in a ceremonial way. And Shiva continues the story of Sri Rama to his beloved Parvati

As soon as the Lord of Goddess Lakshmi took birth in Ayodhya, Lakshmi herself started living in the very land of her beloved. Abundance and affluence started flowing in every house. The fields were always green with rich bountiful harvests, the rivers and ponds were full of fish, the earth revealed all sorts of metals and minerals. The citizens were never this happyy and they renewed their pledge of living a life of Dharma. Right from that day onwards every thing in earth heightened its existence and the world was a happy place.

The brothers grew in years and childhood made their parents very happy. Gradually  their youth also approached, there upon the Kula Guru and great sage Vasishta who was  also the son of Brahma ensured that all important Samskara Dharma of the Upanayanam and taught them Vedas along with all of its branches. As also the human law book as well as their branches.
Unsurprisingly the brothers learned them without any real effort, even though these subjects were very difficult to teach and learn. The world witnessed in Guru Vasistha the divine Brahma himself from whom Vasishta has learned and got enlightened; and the disciples were divine beings including Lord Vishnu himself. Never has the universe been so fortunate to so much divinity in a Gurukula.

In time they returned to the palace, King Dasharatha was extremely happy to see that his sons had mastered the Sciences of Vedas, Administration, Warfare, Weaponry, etc as expert sailors master the seven seas. A unique result of the “buddy-system” of martial training that prevailed in the Gurukula had resulted in unbreakable bonding between Rama and Lakshmana on one hand and between Bharatha and Satrugna on the other. What Dasharatha did not know was that mother Sumitra has also tutored her twins to serve their elder brothers this way.

Prince Rama took the affairs of statecraft as a fish takes to water. He and Lakshmana immediately got around to arresting the thieves and  killing the cruel & dangerous animals in and around Ayodhya. Bharatha & Satrugna immersed themselves in foreign affairs and recruitment of civil servants.

their Dinacharya or daily schedule consisted of waking up at very early morning, taking bath, performing with great devotion the Suryanamaskar ie., salutations of dawn, Meditation, then doing saluting like feet of their father and mothers, devoting their time to affairs of ruling of the state along with his buddy-brother. Leading Dharma and upholding Law and then only after solving the problems of the citizens did they partake in food along with relatives and elders. The evenings were designated for hearing of Dharma Sasthras and historical events. The evening twilight was earmark for Shiva-Vandana and arts.

It was wonderful to watch the omnipresent and omnipotent Lord Vishnu person the mundane activities of a human on a daily basis. The one who needs no further evolutionn or involution was seen doing in the absolute quality all the actions needed by humans to the yardstick of every endeavour, that earned Rama the title of “Maryada Purushottama” the limit of Human endeavour.

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Adhyathma Ramayana by Sri Rama Dasa Manish – Part 5

Adhyathma Ramayana is essentially a Puranic work demonstrating the inquisitiveness of Parvati and clear, unambiguous explanation by Shiva. But in the orthodox circles of Rama devotees, the Adhyatama Ramayana is considered to be a Mantra-sastra, a sacred book, each stanza of which is revered as a Mantra (mystic syllable) and devoutly repeated in a ceremonial way. And Shiva continues the story of Sri Rama to his beloved Parvati


Hearing the news of the birth of a son, King Dasharatha was in bliss with divine joy.  To all those servants who told the news of son’s birth; He gifted new cloths, ornaments and plenty of wealth. As per the orders of the Guru Vasishta, he performed the ritual of birth and also meditated afterwards.

To Kaikeyi a son was born the next and to Sumithra twins sons were born. Dasaratha w also performed ritual of birth to all the children. The citizens who witnessed this divine serendipity shed tears of joy. Charity to countless Brahmins and innumerable Sadhus was given in Cattle, gold, jewels, cloths, land etc. Even the chief of heaven lord Indra had a grand festival to celebrate the Avatara of Rama on earth and gained much punya.

Guru Vasishta noticed that all sentient beings of all of all the worlds were joyous and merry  and the dark infant had an extremely powerful attractive power, so the first born son of Dasharatha was named RAMA. The guru foresaw that the second son was going to be an expert administrator, he was named BHARATHA. The third son born of Sumitra had all the features of good qualities (Lakshanas), therefore he was named LAKSMANA. In the younger twin, Vasishta  foresaw the quality of annihilation of all enemies, so the last son was named SATRUGNA.

After giving these names to all his four sons, King Dasharatha lived happily along with his  three wives.

#SriRamauVijayate #JaiSriRam #JayaSreeRama

AdhyathmaRamayana by Sri Rama Dasa Manish – Part 4

Adhyathma Ramayana is essentially a Puranic work demonstrating the inquisitiveness of Parvati and clear, unambiguous explanation by Shiva. But in the orthodox circles of Rama devotees, the Adhyatama Ramayana is considered to be a Mantra-sastra, a sacred book, each stanza of which is revered as a Mantra (mystic syllable) and devoutly repeated in a ceremonial way. And Shiva continues the story of Sri Rama to his beloved Parvati

When ParamVishnu, Mukunda, Narayana, the divine soul, lord of the universe, one who is never born and never dies, having lotus like eyes was born along with the symbols of Lord Vishnu. Mother Kausalya saw him as thousand rays of light coming together; as if a million Suns had risen up as one over the horizon.

Mother Kousalya clearly saw in the infant the unmistakable symbols of Lord Vishnu. He possessed the aura as the  one wearing a honourable crown representing the highest and incomprehensible reality; which is venerated and worshipped by Lord Brahma and sages like Narada, Sanaka, Sanadkumara and others. Rama Lala (Baby Rama) possessed long and pretty hair with lovely curly tresses. He eyes has the gleam of the nectar of mercy. wrapped in the yellow dhoti (Pitambara)  his hips resembled the rising sun in the sky. She visualised four hands shining with  Abhaya Mudra, conch , wheel and mace; His conch like neck shone with the necklace of Kousthubha gem. He was wearing ear rings, pearl necklace, anklets, girdle and other decorations. He face resembled the full moon and reflected a divine calm and serenity unseen in the human kind. Rama Lala also had the Srivathsa mole on his chest clearly visible to all, so that his devotees who love him would be have no difficulty in identifying the Avatara.

Mother Kousalya understood him as the real God Narayana; the one who is endless, timeless  and omnipotent. She knew in the heart of her hearts that Sri Rama was the manifestation of the eternal. Shesaluted him and started singing his praises.

“Salutations to god of gods who wears the conch and the wheel, Salutations to Vasudeva, the killer of Madhu and Hari, salutations to Narayana, Salutations to killer of Naraka, salutations to the archer, salutations to Lord of universe.  Using the goddess of illusion maya are always  Creating , looking after and destroying this universe.”

With great devotion Kousalya  did pranam and asked him, “How do you come be my Son?”

The darling of his devotees, the great Purusha-Avatara replied, “Oh mother , I do not have any problem in taking a form. I have taken birth for killing Ravana who is roaming around with great pride, destroying Dharma. I have come to usher a happy and good life to all the people on earth. I decided to be born in the clan of Manu, as your child taking the form of a human being. And I was born as your son because you served me once in your previous births with a wish in your mind; That I only should be born as a child to you, due to that reason I have now revealed to you my real form.”

Rama Lala continued, “Seeing me in this form can only be done rarely and this is meant for getting salvation to you. If you can meditate on this form with devotion daily,
Then do not have any doubt that you would get salvation. That the man who reads or hears with devotion, this discussion that took place between us will attain my Saujya (salvation) definitely, And at the time of his death he will remember me.”

Saying this he took the normal form of a little baby,  immediately started crying waving his arms and legs in the air. He looked resplendent with skin the colour of blue sapphire. Thus the supreme Lord Vishnu had incarnated in this world as Human.

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Open Letter to BBMP Commissioner Sri Sri N Manjunath Prasad, IAS. 9 Aug 2016


Open Letter to BBMP Commissioner Sri Sri N Manjunath Prasad, IAS

Based on frantic calls received by those effected by the Demolition Drive.

The writer honestly has not visited these areas (verified facts through Media reports though)

Respected Sir,

No government can survive being anti-people. I have known this to be the only truth for governance; however we routinely see many actions that are not only anti-people but blatantly against the spirit of humanity.

I’m not talking of some remote Syria-Iraq-ISIS controlled area or Russian occupied Ukraine or even about China occupied Tibet & Xinjiang province. I’m not even referring to some dictator ruled banana republic. Here I want draw attention to the largest Democratic country and it’s eight largest state ‘Karnataka’.

My state Karnataka, that we are so proud of.

Karnataka that produced Raja Rishis like Basavana, Vidhyaranya and Krishna Raja Wodeyar has been reduced to a fascist state. You think I’m exaggerating?

Let me tell you a few happenings in the capital city of Bengaluru. On Shatter-day 6 August 2016 our great BBMP woke and decided to clear the Raja-Kaluve illegal occupation and bulldoze all the buildings built on these important storm drains in some areas of the city.

Nothing wrong, in fact commendable work by the officials.

Oh! however they forgot to inform (Official term Notify) to the residents that the houses that they were living in for 40 years or more; the house that was sanctioned by the previous BBMP Engineer (In some cases the serving one), the house that still carried an EMI from the re/construction loan to the nearest bank, the house that they paid property taxes to the same BBMP for so many years, the house that they had tried to make a home by working 15 hours a day in their small petty tea shop, that the same home would be demolished in less than 20 minutes.

Why Mr. Commissioner? why are so insensitive, why are you so anti-people? why are you so Storm drain loving that you forgot that the monsoons started two months ago (Even the Met Dept got the dates right this time)? Why did you not give them enough time make alternative arrangements?


I would like know now; since you have so chivalrously continued with your Raja-kaluve clearing drive for 3 more days after shatter-day, What scientific methodology has been followed in your pursuit of water conservation that this city needs so badly?

Like I said earlier no Government can survive being Anti-people, so why is common man feeling that you are going against the small fish while the land-sharks and whales are left out of your demolish-net?

I request you to kindly publish a plan of action of your demolition drive and explain why the choices of location have been in the that order of priority.

Even if you say that the BBMP are moving in concentric circles from the centre of the city to the periphery or vice-versa is good enough. The people of this great state and this punyakoti-like city (all Kannadigas will ‘get’ this) would like to know the method to your madness sir.

Also, isn’t it true that the government having received taxes from these properties for so many years must also take responsibility of relocating them, even though they sell tea they don’t want to be the Prime Minister, they just want a 20 feet by 20 feet plot on which stood an even smaller house.

You can guess that I’m writing this because hundreds of houses have been demolished and  thousands displaced. I’m made to understand that some pregnant lady was thrown out her home and dozens of senior citizens spent their first night (after Demolition!!) under the open starless night, sorry Bengaluru sky is too polluted for the stars to be visible.

Well! Nothing new, we have had Kashmiri refugees all over the country for 25 years now (never mind that its an oxymoron to be refugee in one’s own nation). So what if a few Benglaurians have become refugees in their own city; we can not give them camps because they are not political refugees from neighbouring counties. So sorry no such luck.

You might be reminded that yours truly while playing news analyst on television had repeatedly hammered the importance of clearing Raja-Kaluves and collection of monsoon water. I still stand by it, the natural drains that populate our lakes must be protected and illegal occupants must be evacuated.

However, this must be done in a humane manner. Mr. Commissioner; give them adequate time to find alternative dwellings if not homes. Return the Illegal-Taxes collected with interest, fire the officials who sanctioned the plans, start legal actions on land-shark-illegal-layout-developers and more importantly do all this before monsoons, so that the purpose for which you are running this demolition drive is more fruitful.

We have only 1/3rd of the monsoon left this year, so my suggestion is that you stop these demolitions now and plans for next year that way you and those future refugees both will have enough time to plan your opus to a grand success. what say??

If you like my ramblings, I request a 10 minute appointment to speak about the other side of story. What say, will you humour me with an interface??

Manish Mokshagundam


9 August 2016

Also mailed to (Don’t know if it can still be called open letter)






I was born, yes it was me

I eat and sang, yes it was me

I grew and grew, yes it was me

I developed in mind, yes it was me

I developed in body, yes it was me

I built a self, yes it was me

I went to school, yes it was me

I fell in love, yes it was me

I thought of sex, yes it was me

I craved of senses, yes it was me

I gave respect, yes it was me

I vowed to parents, yes it was me

I take care, yes it was me

I fought for my country, yes it was me

I wanted money, yes it was me

I spent it quick, yes it was me

I coveted cars, yes it was me

I owned them nine, yes it was me

I lusted everything, yes it was me

I fancied watches, yes it was me

I yearned cloths, yes it was me

I desired all I saw, yes it was me

I lived only for me, yes it was me

I dreamed enterprise, yes it was me

I employed dozens, yes it was me

I grew an ego, yes it was me

I expected praise, yes it was me

I needed glory, yes it was me

I demanded superlatives, yes it was me

I got married, yes it was me

I had kids, yes it was me

I loved them, yes it was me

I they loved, yes it was me

I and I always, yes it was me

I was and nothing else, yes it was me

I yet didn’t know me, yes it was me

I am and was ignorant, yes it was me

I knew all but self and me, yes it was me

I wished one day, yes it was me

I to be, just be me, yes it was me

I was in being and then there was no me

O Rama! When I was in being, there was no me…..

You are me and I am you, but there is no me…..

Can God be bondage too….

Sri Rama, can you too be bondage to me!

If I leave you completely can I be free?

My master’s technique clearly decree

Rama you are the divine present in me


Rama of history I needn’t see

Never looked to see if he really be

A man of born he was or just tree

He is pinnacle of human poetry


The known in Rama esprit

Unknown fruits in timeless tree

Consuming the ceaseless sea

Of thoughts and memory


Having pervaded the normality

Rama dotted i and crossed the t’s

The self and supreme key

Locked in one soul-mind-body


The more I seek and I see

You and I only vary in degree

No difference between me

And Rama, you are me and I am thee  


Sri Rama, can you too be bondage to me!

If I leave you completely can I be free?

My master’s technique clearly decree

Rama you are the divine present in me

Charter of Dharma


Charter of Dharma

All human endeavors, individual or social are for synthesis of self and God. The universe is a design for self-actualization, to provide a proper setting for such self realization is the collective responsibility of all Humanity. The movement of life is constantly towards this higher intellectual and spiritual synthesis; to facilitate this momentum, we must discover and express the intrinsic humanity, from an individual to the collective.

This synthesis of self with God on a complete humanity basis is possible if such principles are incorporated in the present synthesis of Nationalism and efforts are made to direct the collective growth of human-actualization. Till such a society takes shape, we must live as a nation before we start living as humanity.

A Nation requires no other commonality except the purpose of human elevation. This unifying principle is at the core of all current Nationalisms, which are formed for the same purposes but result in division instead due to their focus on language, religion, race, region and customs. A common enthusiasm uniting with a common interest is the most powerful fosterer of nationality.

Presently, Humankind has started taking the first necessary steps towards the higher synthesis through several Supranational unions like European Union (EU) and the regional co-operation Nationalisms like the African Union (AU), the Organization of American States (OAS), the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Arab League, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). The United Nations Organization may yet realize its complete potential.

However, the idea of a Nation cannot be just a uniform system of Governance. The Roman Empire, created a common language, a common religion and life, and tried its best to crush out racial diversities under the weight of its uniform system, but it failed to make one great nation and imploded under its own weight. Frequencies like Geo-political unity, a common History and a common urge to realize itself in an organized manner through governance which expresses its Nationality best, a uniting Leadership and common resistances to a common pressure; all provide the basic impetus to the idea of Nationality.

The plurality and differences in Humankind is in fact the very essence of it. Negating it or trying to form a uniform society is to negate the purpose of Humanity itself. The biggest challenge for Humankind, Governance and Leadership is of creating a setting where every individual can express himself/herself completely and at the same time follow a common set of laws and objectives to fulfill the collective self-actualization of Humanity.

The present popular worldviews of looking at the society through the lens of financial and materialistic yardsticks is rudimentary and incomplete. Contemporary social ideas based on only man- materialistic synthesis essentially propagate an innate conflict with those who have and those who don’t. A natural struggle emanating due to the imbalance of wealth distribution is also an essential component of wealth-based social theories. However, it is common knowledge that wealth alone cannot form the basis of society. A few random efforts on more Holistic indicators of social progress and quality of life have been attempted. Like GNH (Gross National Happiness) policy by the Monarch of Bhutan through the empirical research on happiness, positive psychology and well-being; by a Vermont-based, non-partisan, non-profit organization called Gross National Happiness USA and a few other organizations spread in different nations.

Though GNH is a far more Holistic approach to the elevation of society than wealth based approaches, in its present form it does not factor the plurality of Humankind and probably needs to formulate a very dynamic scale for measurements and indicators. However it is interesting to note that the origin of the concept lies in Buddhist principles. Unlike other organized religions Buddhism does not emphasize on faith but offers a formula of living. A good attempt has been made here to apply this formula in national policy.

Human pluralism can be incorporated quite efficiently into the Holistic approach to social elevation if we include Dharma as the basis of every exchange and transaction. “Dharma is the Law that upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe”. All Indian Socio-economic-religious movements like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism have the idea of Dharma at their core; where it points to the purification and moral transformation of human beings.

Dharma is not the same as religion, though differing in some particulars, all concur that the goal of human life is Moksha or Nirvana, wherein lies the completeness and fulfillment of Human life and in which the ultimate nature of Dharma (as cosmic law) is apprehended experientially. Dharma can be categorized into three levels

Swadharma. At the personal level where Dharma is the result of right conduct based on ethical and moral principles. They can also be called duties some personal ones (natural duties that you are born with) or Putradharma or Putridharma (the duties you have towards your parents). There are any numbers of personal Dharma’s as one may value. There are social duties like your Kuladharma (duties to your tribe), Rastradharma (duties to your nation), Manudharma (duties towards humanity) and so forth. Dharma here is obligatory or optional, therefore is of instrumental value.

Dharma for Dharma’s sake. This is a higher level of value, where Dharma is regarded as an intrinsic value worth pursuing for its own sake. Akin to the Kant’s ‘categorical imperative’ where he states in respect to good, ‘that all good in itself, and considered in itself is to be esteemed much higher than all that can be brought about by it in favor of any inclination’. Here, Dharma transforms from an instrumental value to an intrinsic value.

Dharma for Moksha. This is the highest value of Dharma, where it is urged that all activities should be of righteous nature and must also be Nishkama karma (undesired action) with no care for the benefits or fruits. Such deeds and conduct done without desires for the holistic good and probity ensure Moksha to the doer. Here we find Dharma becoming a combination of instrumental as well as intrinsic value. It transforms into a spiritual value for achieving the ultimate spiritual ideal of Moksha.

The movement of Human elevation is essential spiritual. That is the reason we find in societies with a long history of peace and stability an emphasis on the cultural and spiritual aspects. Even the best periods of Human history like the Gupta Era in India are called golden because of the growth and expression of art and creativity. The next step of cultural growth is spiritual growth.

If we are to formulate the ultimate and timeless model for social elevation; we must look for a model that not only guarantees spiritual synthesis but must have spirituality as its basic component. By including Dharma in every action, be it individual, social, national, natural or universal; we can ensure the Human pluralism and individuality to work flawlessly with one universal law.

Any society based on Dharma shall provide the best platform for both collective and individual elevation. Till the time we can move towards a united Human society, Dharma which is simultaneously both rigid and dynamic can provide a Humanity unification code. Societies and Nations can define their own Micro-Dharma best suited for their common Geo-political unity, History, culture and so forth. Markers of social and individual well-being are remarkably trans-cultural: communities generally show life satisfaction if they have strong and frequent social ties, live in healthy ecosystems, experience good governance and adopt spirituality as the basis of life.

An in-depth study of the history of the transitions of tribal states to territorial states in the southeast Asian regions; which are sandwiched between two great civilizations of India and China, indicate that the Kings of these new states choose the ‘Dharmic Model’ over the ‘All under heaven Model’ as this provided them with the independence, equality and the freedom to define its urge to realize itself in an organized manner through governance. This model provides sovereignty to realize itself collectively as well as individually, yet remain attached to the common canon of Dharma.

Spiritual growth is as much required as material growth for Human elevation. It is only when we adopt Dharma as the essential element in every exchange and transaction we shall be able to balance the synthesis of Humanity with God.

Dharma Sutra:
1.Highest synthesis is spiritual synthesis
2.All humanity shall unite through spiritual synthesis
3.Plurality and not uniformity is the basis of humanity and its synthesis

The problem of unification under one model or law while maintaining this intrinsic pluralism of humanity can be solved by adopting Dharma as the absolute value of all exchange and transactions

Implementation of Dharmic values guarantees complete human synthesis at all levels

Next chapter : Implementation of Dharma in the Indian political context