The one that is …


A dream that seems real is still a dream

Awakening that seems a dream is still a dream

Above these is a sleep deep with no dream

Then there is the one reality that is no dream


To react is the possible scheme

When the world comes in full steam

Through the senses flows the stream

Mind fools you in logical scream


Comparing with the next Ibrahim

Who has the biggest playing team

Is by far your silliest daydream

Keep away such grand extreme


Know that you are but a theme

In the eternal illusionary gleam

Here now in the mainstream

Tomorrow  is another sunbeam


Dream in a dream in a dream

You are just a thought it seam

Then why do you look for scheme

Gestalt et al of the supreme


Just relax and let it be Rama Dasa

See the reality in the absentee Rama Dasa

The one that is Rama Dasa

Is all that is Rama Dasa

Random Thoughts

1. Does a man really control his destiny?
the choices that are offered to him which provide no scope for careful examination and require impulsive decisions, are these choices really oppurtunies or they traps laid by mara to disturb the buddha in every soul
2. Why does one get irritated?
Irritation is a vile demon which can create total destruction of the mind and all rational thoughts. Once a person starts to identify the phenomenon, it becomes very clear that the mind is in agony. The mind then starts fighting this anguishing factor and usually succeeds in eliminating then irritating factor and never before the initial irritation has been experienced
3. How the heart yearns for the one who is impossible to get
What makes it worse is that someoneimpossible comes along into everybody’s life at least once, making his or her life all the more miserable
4. What is the most important – thing, thought, idea, person and phenomenon?
The question becomes irrelevant in the larger scheme of the universe. What a man, animal, virus does or does not do is of little or no consequence to the universal order. Yet the most important thing in a human is probably the attachment to SELF
5. Man is capable of achieving the impossible when on overdrive. So why does he not do so all the time? Maybe because he does not receive the right motivation, it is really amazing to see the things people will do for love, prestige, money, saving-face and so forth