Life is…. 

mystical Poems


You don’t look too scared

Looking to be compared

While all others prepared

You sat there and shared


Take on life you dared

To everyone you bared

Secrets of heart you aired

An open book you declared


Why now you seem flared

People mistook & squared

The round peg impaired

once done cant be repaired


See I never cared

For what others ensnared

I to my own tune blared

One and only unpaired


Life is to be lived & erred

Safe soul is beggared

Cant live on the edged

Lose the plot inhered


The one who lives completed

Is always avant garde-d

Accepting the grace unrestricted

Fulfils existence involuted


The inside world unfolded

Brings forth nectar shrouded

Multiverses of world created

The one in many manifested


(And then the one said ….)


Live complete Rama Dasa

Explore inside out Rama Dasa

There is no inside Rama Dasa

And no outside Rama Dasa

Life is….

Rama Dasa, Life is….

The Night Owl 


On the wire sat an owl in the dark night

Swinging upon one leg at great height

Tu hoot tu hoot tu hoot it screeched sprite

Mixed the feelings were wrong or right



One part saw the feathers white

Imagined the swan in moon light

Separating the milk from water erudite

Rejecting the false choosing the right



The second watched Lakshmi’s flight

The Goddess of wealth smiling sight

Vehicle is here and affluence a kite

Granting your wish of abundance alright



Another peeped to see a flamingo light

Balancing on one leg like a sage uptight

One leg on the world knotted rope tight

The other wobbling in air of spiritual delight



Yet another perceived superstitious fright

To see an owl is an omen not too bright

The job at hand is doomed to be slight

O God! Make it go away or at least quite



Look at the truth said the owl Rama Dasa

That I come at night to feed Rama Dasa

That I am nocturnal and wise Rama Dasa

Drop the mind and see the real Rama Dasa

The one that is …


A dream that seems real is still a dream

Awakening that seems a dream is still a dream

Above these is a sleep deep with no dream

Then there is the one reality that is no dream


To react is the possible scheme

When the world comes in full steam

Through the senses flows the stream

Mind fools you in logical scream


Comparing with the next Ibrahim

Who has the biggest playing team

Is by far your silliest daydream

Keep away such grand extreme


Know that you are but a theme

In the eternal illusionary gleam

Here now in the mainstream

Tomorrow  is another sunbeam


Dream in a dream in a dream

You are just a thought it seam

Then why do you look for scheme

Gestalt et al of the supreme


Just relax and let it be Rama Dasa

See the reality in the absentee Rama Dasa

The one that is Rama Dasa

Is all that is Rama Dasa

ONE (the search for truth)

When I look for you, I found all as true

Like Rama’s blue, universe withdrew



When I look for you, things come into

The right brew, mixed up all through

I made it ingrew, quite easy to do

Then it shows due, the path of true



When I look for you, I found all as true

Like Rama’s blue, universe withdrew


By another clue, can’t show the skew

Neither the dew, nor the leaf’s true

The senses too, always lie to me two

Only world view, is to see me in you


When I look for you, I found all as true

Like Rama’s blue, universe withdrew


The world out threw, impressions undo

The roles play to, never real nor construe

Mind is the foe, slave mastering you

Designing avenue, inducing hallucinue


When I look for you, I found all as true

Like Rama’s blue, universe withdrew


Searching beyond knew, mind is shatru (enemy in Sanskrit)

Soon I flew, into the realm of true

Knowing the glue, that holds queue

To freedom pew, revealing light new


When I look for you, I found all as true

Like Rama’s blue, universe withdrew


There is no I or you and this is true

There is no two and this is the only true

There is ooh just the one sparking ado

All else is untrue, all else is so untrue