Kannada Prabha Page 10 on 6-713, MAHA Academy to Launch YUVA NAYAK – a leadership hunt on Kannada Televison


MAHA Academy to Launch YUVA NAYAK – a leadership hunt on Kannada Televison

Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/26/2013 – 17:37

       MAHA Academy is happy to announce a public campaign to address the huge gap that exists in identification, selection and creation of young leaders in the Indian socio-political scenario starting on the coming Independence Day.  


This public campaign is to be launched on a Kannada television channel, titled Yuva Nayak. We are inviting the young, talented, enthusiastic citizens of India to seize the mantle of change in Indian leadership. We are starting with Karnataka initially and move on to an all India version next.


The television viewers shall choose the winner and shall have power over the selection process; we believe that reality shows must also be about real things like identification of leadership apart from being entertaining.


The winner of Yuva Nayak Karnataka 2013 shall be awarded the title of (Karnatakada Yuva nayak) along with the corpus Rs.11 Lakhs funding for a project of choice for the Yuva Nayak winner at the state level. MAHA Academy will also provide free scholarship to its prestigious Holistic Leadership Expression Program (HELP) for all the finalists.


Nurturing and monitoring of the winner’s selected project is probably the biggest tangible effect of Yuva Nayak, a team of mentors will be put together develop the project. We shall at regular interval shall monitor and nurture progress made by this project and telecast this during the season of the program.



Public leadership in India is one of the most neglected areas of social importance which needs dynamic and committed nurturing. We appeal to all Kannadigas to generously encourage in empowering India’s soul through this endeavor of ours, the aim of which is to develop comprehensive and transformational leaders in the public and socio-political sphere. We trust that this campaign shall act as a case study for future leadership development programs, especially for promoting young leaders.


 Dr. Manish K Mokshagundam